DSI’s indigenous production of the underwater operable and fully submersible pan tilt and zoom camera was a revolution in itself. It is designed for use in hazardous and corrosive environments like seawater, sewer water and industrial wastewater.

The unit is capable of continuous 360° rotation (panning motion) and -92° to +92° tilting motion. The camera has integrated White LED lighting for zero visibility scenarios like pipelines, underground reservoirs, et cetera, and provides full color video. Infrared LED lighting is neither required nor recommended but is available for any specialized application if required. The camera has 10x Optical Zoom and 12x Digital Zoom. Higher zoom capability is available on custom orders.

Extremely high durability and ruggedness combined with all-weather operation capability especially for underwater scenarios provides us great future opportunities in Coast Guard, Navy, military and homeland security applications. We are already using the same camera for Marine inspections and it has been installed on our marine work-class robots for underwater observation purposes.

Accessories: Camera skid, auxiliary lights

Warranty: 1 year INDIAN MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. Long-term warranty option available.


  1. Sewer and Water pipeline inspections
  2. Inspection of Tanks, wells, reservoirs, et cetera
  3. Marine surveys, ship Hull inspections, et cetera
  4. for mounting on underwater ROVs