DSI’s Robotic Dredging Services fulfill the gap between “Large-Scale Dredging Services” and “Diver-Based Dredging Services”. Many Indian industrial setups, dams & ports face severe siltation problems with their marine assets like submerged pipelines & tunnels, reservoirs, tanks, water pipelines, product pipelines, et cetera, wherein they face problems in the inspection and maintenance works because,

  • Open-sea dredging solutions cannot access these assets
  • The only alternate is to use diver based inspection and desilting services which have severe limitations and very high risk of human life.

DSI has tried to address this problem by using its vast experience in the field of underwater and wastewater robotics to indigenously design and develop robotic solutions for dredging of difficult-to-access marine assets. DSI has designed and developed a series of work class robots specifically for underwater dredging of inaccessible areas, where regular off-the-shelf dredging methods cannot work. These robots can be customized to the needs of the client and accommodate different types and volumes of solids to be dredged.

Application scenarios: Desilting/dredging of marine assets like tanks and reservoirs in industrial setups, hydroelectric projects, thermal power projects, dams, ports and harbours. Desilting of Canals and culverts in irrigation systems. Desilting of Shiplift Systems. Active Desilting of water reservoirs and settling tanks without stopping the water supply.