DSI’s continued R&D efforts over the years have seen several generations of evolution of our Robotic technologies. Each generation of evolution ushered new features and design paradigms that cater to the ever growing needs of our customers.

We have a decade of experience of designing and developing inspection class robots and are well established as the premier Robotic Inspection Services Provider in India. We have further strengthened ourselves in the pipeline infrastructure industry by introducing our work class robots for use in sewer, water, marine and industrial pipelines.

Inspection class robots

  1. Beaver® series of Pipeline CCTV inspection robots

    1. Pipeline CCTV video inspection of Sewer Pipelines
    2. Pipeline CCTV video inspection of Water pipelines
    3. Beaver Marine Pipeline Inspection system for performing CCTV video inspection of Marine seawater intake pipelines
    4. Beaver Industrial pipeline inspection system for performing inspection and conditional assessment of industrial pipelines (carrying water or product or effluent or industrial waste)
  2. Otter™ series of submarine type ROVs – Pilot phase.

Work class robots

  1. Beaver® series of Sewer maintenance robots – These are currently in testing phase. Please contact us if you have any project requirements.
  2. Seahorse™ series of robotic dredgers
  3. Orca™ series of pipeline desilting robots


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