Description: Extremely rugged and easy-to-use industrial grade underwater camera for heavy use in survey, inspection & surveillance applications of water & wastewater assets. Designed for use in hazardous and corrosive environments like seawater, sewer water and industrial wastewater. The camera has integrated White LED lighting for zero visibility scenarios like pipelines, underground reservoirs, et cetera, and provides full color video.

Accessories: Camera skid, auxiliary lights

Warranty: 1 year INDIAN MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. Long-term warranty option available.


  1. Sewer and Water pipeline inspections
  2. Deep Well and tank inspections
  3. Ship Hull camera, aquarium cameras, fishing cameras, boat cameras
  4. For Mounting on boats and underwater ROVs
  5. Underwater surveillance and observation cameras in dams, ports, harbours, industrial water assets, canals, et cetera.